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Will Create A  Place Where Everyone Wants to Gather

Life is too short to be alone.

Being alone is no fun.  Do your kids run out the door to their friend’s house?  Does your spouse disappear into a different room as soon as a mediocre dinner is over?  Has your family stopped eating together on a regular basis?  When was the last time that you invited someone over for a meal?

We can help you fill your table with friends and good food.

I’m blessed that my sons’ friends call me “Mama Kay”.  They know that they are welcome in our home any time, including mealtime. I can help you get that open door feeling that you long for.  I’ll give you all my tips and share new ideas as well.

Soon people will be talking about the great time they had at your place! With the right kitchen supplies and meaningful decor you will create a space where family and friends feel loved.

That’s a place everyone where wants to come.  That can be your kitchen.

Great Decor Ideas brings you:

  • Kitchen Supplies that make cooking easy
  • Kitchen Decor that welcomes and inspires
  • Ideas so good that you’ll want to try something new

It's Easy to Create Your Kitchen with Heart
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Choose the kitchen supplies you need; pair them with decor that expresses your values.

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Featured Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen Supplies for Your Inspired Kitchen

Kitchen supplies for the heart of your home, the kitchen, are waiting here for you.  You’ll find a gorgeous collection of  products here at Great Decor Ideas. From everyday hard-working kitchen supply items with a clever feature to Christian gifts for her that contain heartfelt sentiments, you will be delighted by our offering. 

Find kitchen decor, kitchen supplies or gift items you like and make them yours today.  Choose from our fine product offering, including pots and pans sets to make your favorite recipes turn out just right.  Casserole dishes ranging from pie plates to Dutch ovens and so much more have been collected here for their good looks and stellar service.  On the stovetop, your frying pans and cooking pots may have seen better days.  We give you a fine selection of cookware sets to suit the way you cook.  

Rummaging around to scare up a pitcher for a cold drink?  Tired of chipped mugs every morning?  Check out our drinkware section with a broad offering of charming options for hot and cold beverage service.  From brewing the perfect cup of coffee to enjoying sips of your favorite on the go with a beautiful travel mug, our home goods perform and please.

Time to perk up tired decor?  You’ll love our charming kitchen decor selections.  Many items include Bible verses and inspiring text to build an uplifting atmosphere in your kitchen.  After all, it is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  Why not let your love for family and friends shine?  Including inspirational items in your decorating scheme helps you share your faith.  The right home goods can help you keep your focus…even on hectic, busy days.  Many of our home decor items would also make lovely Christian gifts for her.  Another area where we want to be your kitchen supply store is in items that help you organize your kitchen and provide storage solutions.  Be sure to click over to the furniture area to browse seating options, tables, and serving carts.  Comfort is king, but style in home goods is sweet!

Have your kitchen linens and towels seen better days?  A new tablecloth and placemats act as an instant makeover for your kitchen or dining room.  Downgrade those tattered towels to rag status and replace with a matching set.  We just added a new product line of kitchen linens and things that we’re sure you’ll love!.  Janey Lynn’s Designs manufactures home goods with user-friendly features for busy kitchens, and we are an authorized retailer for this brand.  You’ll love the modern fabrics that they combine with years of kitchen know-how to offer you truly innovative home goods.  If nothing else, make sure to check out their aprons.  You’ll wonder why no one else has created these…and how you got along without them!

How does your table look?  Is it time for a tableware refresh?  As life goes on, pieces get chipped, go missing and walk off to who knows where.  Maybe you could use a new set of dinnerware to perk up a tired table.  Perhaps the time has come for different glassware to replace mismatched pieces.  And if your kitchen is like mine, why are half of my spoons missing from what used to be a complete flatware set?  Look no further, because you’ll find dishwasher-safe silverware sets right here.  To get food and drinks to the table with ease and style, look at our serveware.  Many of our platters, trays, and serving bowls are so pretty that when you aren’t using them, they can be propped up or placed on a shelf as colorful decor items.  Best of all, they will be ready and conveniently placed for use at all times!

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