Linens and Things

Linens and things like kitchen accessories add comfort, color, and class to your kitchen and dining room.

From absorbent towels to heatproof pot holders, every kitchen needs a full supply of fabric essentials. You’ll love our assortment because they were collected here for busy homes just like yours.

Did you know that a new set of kitchen towels can give your kitchen an instant refresh?  Time takes its toll on soft goods and sometimes you just need to relegate the existing inventory to the rag bin.  Imagine how nice it would be to open your drawer and see a complete stock of brand new supply dishcloths, hand towels and tea towels.  I think you’ll especially love the items that we’ve sourced for you from Janey Lynn’s Designs.  Their lineup of linens and things are made from amazingly absorbent fabrics and configured in extremely clever ways.  We offer these products in sets so you will be all set to handle kitchen mishaps as they happen.

Other linens and things like placemats, table runners and tablecloths make special occasions even more special!  Dress your table up and down for different events.  Plus, using table linens will help protect your table and help it to last longer.   You’ll want to stock up on a variety of colors, prints, and styles today.  One trend we’re loving right now is a table runner.  Give the placemat and table runner style a try.

Because linens and things like aprons, potholders and other kitchen accessories like chair cushions see hard use, they can tend to have shorter lifespans.  Switch out the ones that have seen better days and enjoy some new, pretty things.  We think you’ll find our kitchen textile accessories unique and inspiring.  Just because these items carry the load in the kitchen doesn’t mean they have to be boring.  In fact, because they should be replaced when they can’t do their job anymore, this is the perfect area in which to experiment with colors and just have fun!