Serving Carts

Serving carts make it easy to entertain with flair and grace.

Mobility makes serving easy and convenient.  Simplify party set-up by placing your serving carts beside your cabinet, then load them with everything you need to set the table all at once, wheel it into the dining room or out to the patio and you’ll have party prep done in a flash.

Then, during your event, you can use serving carts to handle beverage service.  You could place it conveniently for your guests to pour themselves a drink or, you could spoil them by delivering their favorite beverage right to them.  Another useful application is to implement it as a serving station for desserts.

Add extra work surface and storage to your kitchen.  As a small kitchen island, you can keep supplies and tools right beside your work area, saving you steps and adding convenience.  Short on storage space in your bathroom?  Use a cart as a mobile linen closet.  Keep towels on the bottom shelf and place pretty toiletries on the top.  Crowded with clutter in your home office?  Try arranging books on the lower level and office paper supplies on the top.  Only your imagination will limit the ways in which you use this item.

Utilize serving carts throughout your home as a base to display seasonal decor.  With this idea, you can change position and keep your decorating fresh and interesting.

We agree with Country Living and their article about clever ways to use carts.  You might too.  There are so many ways you can use these versatile wheeled wonders that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them!