Kitchen Washcloths Shrubbies - 6 pack

Kitchen Washcloths Shrubbies - 6 pack


Our Shrubbies Kitchen Washcloths revolutionize the way you keep your kitchen clean!

We’ve taken the best properties of a traditional scrubby and combined it with the innovative absorption of our super-soft Shaggie.  The result?  We created the ultimate kitchen washcloth for you!

These little wonders will amaze you with their versatility and all-around usefulness.  Use a Shrubbie to wash dishes and wipe down tables and countertops, of course.  Try it on your non-stick cooktop surface. Knock soil off your garden produce before cooking.  Scrub a non-stick or cast iron pan without worry.  Soak up a spill before it gets away with Shrubbies super absorption power:  It holds 10x it’s weight in liquid!

Because you’ll use your Shrubbie so often, we sell them in a convenient 6-pack.  Stock up today so you always have a clean Shrubbie ready to help you out!

  • Includes one (1) 6-pack of Shrubbies, packaged in pairs (12 individual Shrubbies total, all one color).
  • 100% Cotton chenille fabric
  • Backed with mesh
  • 5″ x 6″
  • Please launder before first use.  Machine wash and dry.
  • Choose from many colors to add a pop of color to your kitchen


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